Soupy Delights - Delicious bowls of soup, stew and porridge with Khind soup cooker

Posted by Khind 19/06/2018 0 Comment(s)

A typical asian dinner is never complete without a nutritious soup on the menu, but it is not easy to make as it is tedious, and needs a long time and the right method for a hot tasty pot of soup. Khind Soup Cooker SC680C is the just the right cooker for the job. With just one touch of the button, a whole range of mouth-watering soups and stews can be cooked.

The Khind Soup Cooker uses an intelligent temperature control technology. Its double suspended structure, controls the temperature, accurately.The outer ring of the aluminium pot ensures the ceramic pot and the aluminium pot is fi tted closely, while cooking. This ensures the food is cooked evenly.Meanwhile, the inner ring temperature sensor structure allows real-time monitoring of food temperature, via two different temperatures – mild heat or intense heat.

You can cook tendon soup, knuckle soup, multi-grain porridge, porridge and desserts by using mild heat temperature, while nutritious soups, rib soup, chicken soup, bean soups and thick soups can be cooked using intense heat. For convenience, the soup menu can be selected under specific temperatures on the soft touch control panel on the soup cooker.

The list of dishes that can be cooked with the Khind Soup Cooker does not stop here.The soup cooker can also stew using two different techniques. For easy and quick cooking, use the fast stew button on the control panel. While for traditional soup stewing technique, use the double stew button. With this technique, you can stew soup at a simmering heat for a longer time to break down the meat and you can add spices for an aroma-fi lled, delicious and mouth-watering stew.

After cooking, the soup can be kept warm with the automatic keep warm function or you can adjust the cooking time for various menus. The preset timer function can be used to delay (slow) the cooking time. These features allow you to enjoy your tasty soups and dishes at any time you desire.

The soup cooker uses a high quality ceramic inner pot and has a special anti-overflow protection, which could save the user from a messy kitchen top. The cooker comes in 6.8 litres capacity that can cook up to two whole chickens at a time, and has a one-year warranty.


The product is available at major retail outlets. For more information, log on to or call KL/Selangor (03-7839 2001), Penang (04-537 2803), Perak (05-541 7520), Melaka (06-2815717), Johor (07-355 8991), Pahang (09-568 9711) or Kelantan (09-744 8900). You can also purchase it online at here.