The Versatile Multi Cooker - MC 50D

Posted by Khind 13/06/2018 0 Comment(s)


With so many kitchen appliances out there in the market, we often find ourselves having difficulty in choosing the right appliances for the task at hand.


A versatile cooking appliance is your best choice as it cuts out the doubts and the need for multiple appliances. At the same time, it definitely saves you space and cost.


KHIND Multi Cooker MC 50D is an automatic multi-purpose cooker with touch sensor and digital display that offers 20 menus to cater a wide variety of cooking needs. Serving as a multi-function cooker, it does not only cook fluffy rice and porridge, but also able to cater for various functions as such, multicook, fast cook, slow cook, fry, deep fry, bake, steam and stew functions. Its capabilities don’t just limited to these; a diverse range of dishes such as soup, beans, jam, yoghurt, jelly, cake and bread are all a touch away with this multi cooker.

Made to be zero-hassle, this appliance comes with adjustable timer to suit various menu requirements. There are also ‘Keep Warm’ and ‘Preset’ functions of up to 24 hours for added convenience. A warm and nutritious homemade meal will always ready to be served at any time when you return home. This help to save cost, time and energy.

The cooker comes with a ceramic-coated 3-ply inner pot for food safety and also maximum heat distribution. The non-stick inner pot and detachable steam vent and steam lid will ease your cleaning job. The ‘Autoclean’ function easily uses the steam to clean up the grease in the hard-to-reach spots in your cooker pot.


With the 5-litre gross capacity and 1.8-litre rice capacity, the KHIND Multi Cooker MC 50D is certainly large enough to prepare food for the whole family.


The cooker also comes with a steam tray, yoghurt cups and tray, fry basket, rice ladle, measuring cup and soup scoop, to further assist you in the kitchen. A cookbook is also included, featuring up to 25 delicious recipes to get you started on your culinary journey.

The KHIND Multi Cooker MC 50D is definitely your choice of cooking appliance to cater your cooking needs. It comes with a one-year warranty.

The product is available at major retail outlets. For more information, log on to or call KL/Selangor (03-7839 2001), Penang (04-537 2803), Perak (05-541 7520), Melaka (06-281 5717), Johor (07-355 8991), Pahang (09-515 9711) or Kelantan (09-744 8900). You can also purchase it online at here.